SMART doors  brings the latest perimeter detectors from  forteza


Perimeter, as We all understand is the extent of our private domain and is defined by Walls, Barbed wire or just plants in some cases. It demarcates private property from public areas. It is our first and most important line of defense.  Private space  needs to be protected from intrusion and what better than catching the perpetrators before they come any closer.

We have five distinct solutions on offer.  Microwave detectors have been specially manufactured in De-licensed Frequency of 2.45 GHz. The same are duly approved.

FMW-3/1 with a 100 meter detection range suitable for Airports, Schools, Hotels, Large Office Blocks and small to medium Factories. The transmitter creates an ellipsoid detection beam  measuring around 2 meters in height and 4 meters in width extending up to the Receiver installed at the other end of the length of the  detection zone.

FORTEZA -FONAR is a decorative and concealed detector ideally suited for 24 Hr intrusion monitoring

For private homes and VIP residential premises. The detectors are concealed in fully functional garden lamps. These lamps have a built-in daylight switch to enable the Garden Lamps to automatically  switch  ON and OFF with change in daylight. These have a maximum range of 50 Meters and  generate an ellipsoid beam measuring around 2 meters in height and 4 meters in width.

FORTEZA 12- This is a highly versatile mobile detection system specially designed for temporarily securing high value assets, like Aircrafts, VIP temporary locations and Military Units on the go.

RELIEF- This is a two wire perimeter protection detector that detects intrusion by analyzing the change in the emf between the two parallel cables running around the perimeter.

TRIBO 4- The latest on offer is the TRIBO 4 which can handle upto 4 zones of 250 meters each This detector works on the change in the TRIBOELECTRIC effect between the two cables.